Northern Lights and Svalbard Seed Vault

It was a lot of fun talking to Lonely Planet about why Svalbard during Polar Night is such a dear place to me and why Karim and I never get tired of going there.

“The 24-hour nights are perfect to observe the Northern Lights,” Maria tells Lonely Planet. “I’ve documented the settlement’s history, nature and daily life over the years. When I first visited Svalbard,  it was during the polar night and I immediately fell in love with the untouched nature, the people and, of course, the magical Northern Lights. Since then, I’ve been going to Svalbard several times a year. Most of those trips are photography tours, during which my husband and I take our clients on all sorts of experiences. These include dog sledding, snowmobile expeditions in the wilderness, and visits into an abandoned coal mine.”

You can read the full interview here.