Karim: I’ve always held a fascination for remote places and beautiful images. As a young adult, I crossed over into the world of filmmaking. Using the computer as a visual creation tool, I delved into animation and computer graphics. For over twenty years, I labored on some of the most popular films. For so long, I tried to reproduce digitally what Nature created so effortlessly. Standing alone in Nature is what makes me feel a connection to something beyond myself and my own artistic ability. As a photographer, I feel privy to this connection when I am out in the wild. As I continued to use a camera perfect my craft, I realized that a photographing nature is a story in itself, a platform through which connection with Nature can be recreated, shared and experienced. Today, I share my knowledge and passion with those who join me on photography tours and workshops with Full Life Photo Adventures.

Maria: From a young age, I developed a knack for writing. At first, it was poems and short stories. Eventually, this creative fervor led me to the world of Public Relations and Advertising. For many years, I would craft campaigns for a wide variety of clients and use television, print and the internet as vehicle for their message. This passion for the written word was gradually suffused by the power of images and photography. So much so that, today, these two disciplines have become the primary vehicles of my creative expression. I am deeply involved with the day-to-day operation of Full Life Photo Adventures. I feel fortunate to continuously discover and photograph new lands and to share our planet’s mesmerizing beauty with friends, family and adventurers at large. This is my idea of a Full Life.

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